Homemade Dog Waffles Treats! ( Video )

Homemade waffles for dogs? Hi everyone! I’m joined today by my favorite furry co-host, Waffles! We are going to be doing some baking together, we’re going to make frozen dog treats perfect for the summertime. So let’s get baking! So let’s get baking. So my co-host has decided to lie down, stay there, man. So we are gonna start out with this first treat.

Video summary:

Now, it is made with all natural ingredients that are safe for dogs but just note that you know your pet better than I do, so just feed your pet accordingly, but Waffles will pretty much eat anything.

And don’t worry, if you do have a cat, I’ve got one treat that’s perfect for a cat at the end. So the first frozen treat we are going to make are some of Waffles’ favorite ingredients, peanut butter, banana and yogurt.

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So into a little bowl, we’re gonna mash up some banana. Do you like bananas? Now bananas are really good for dogs ‘cause they’re full of potassium.

Don’t eat the banana yet! All you want to do is mash up your banana, nice and small — okay, I’ll give you a little bit — ‘cause you don’t want to give them too big a piece, because they’re only small, little guys.

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So just mash it up with a fork. So the dog treats that we’re going to make are made like I said with all natural ingredients, and stuff you probably will have around the house, so they’re really easy to make for your pet. Is that nice? Now, next up, this is Waffles’ absolute favorite. Learn more in the video!