Homeless Dog Owners: Are They Welcome To Use City Shelters? ๐Ÿ’”

Have you ever wondered how dog owners who donโ€™t have homes manage to care for their pets? Some dog lovers are unfortunately homeless and this means that when they own dogs, their dogs will need to stay with them on the outside, in the cruel and harsh weather.

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– Having a dog is not an easy responsibility.
– There are so many requirements that you need to have, like food and shelter.
– However, not all dog owners have homes to shelter them or their pets, so what happens?

When a person loves dogs, itโ€™s regardless of their capacity to provide for them. Youโ€™ve probably heard that there are homeless shelters in every city.

As good as it sounds that homeless shelters are taking in so many homeless people, thereโ€™s a strict policy AGAINST taking in homeless people with PETS. Itโ€™s really ripping the hearts of so many pet lovers.

The policy so far includes the majority of cities nationwide, including New York, which has one of the top numbers of homeless people in the US.

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