Hero Dog Dies After Years Of Service

Training a service dog is not easy, it takes years to be able to raise a full-pledge service dog who can serve the police department with loyalty and with efficiency.
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– There are many crimes in every country, like South Africa, where criminals donโ€™t fear cops.
– One famous service dog brings shivers to criminals in South Africa.
– This service dog has been awarded multiple times due to his efficiency in doing his job.

The name that will certainly bring fear to criminals everywhere – KILLER. He is a well-known anti-poaching police dog office in South Africa. Killer has been serving the police department for years and he has never failed to make every duty a successful fight against poaching.

Poaching is a very common crime and criminals are not fearful of getting caught because they thought they wonโ€™t get caught, but with the help of trained service dogs like Killer, poaching has dramatically decreased over time in South Africa.

A sad news broke recently when Killer died. It was not received well by the people in South Africa, especially the police force.

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