How to Make a FunFetti Birthday Cake For Dogs ( Video )

That’s right! ‘Fun-Fetti’ birthday cake for dogs! Birthday cake is for Memphis, but you’ll get to share it too. Of course, I don’t have food in my hand yet, but there’s a bunch on the table. Still don’t have in my hand yet. We are going ahead and make a birthday cake for dogs.

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Let’s make this cake! First thing we need to do is preheat the oven to 350F/180C. What? Just because it’s your birthday, doesn’t mean you can automatically steal…

I mean… Oh okay! We just started the video and you are already stealing all the things? I can’t be mad at you cause it’s your birthday! β™ͺ Yeah! β™ͺ

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Okay! Let’s get to make this cake! It’s going to be interesting! Just to say that… First, we’re going to mix together all the wet ingredients. What you think? Wet ingredients first?

Memphis is like: “Yes please!” That will include one (1) large egg. Which Memphis already tried to eat! Want to try and eat this too? You are staring that down! A quarter (1/4) cup of peanut butter.

Make a FunFetti Birthday Cake For Dogs
Make a FunFetti Birthday Cake For Dogs