Best And Easy Food Supply For Emergencies

If the power fails and the heating does not get warm anymore, things can quickly become unpleasant. Warm clothing and sturdy shoes protect against energy loss through hypothermia.

Use a camping stove or a gas or charcoal grill for cooking.

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Caution: Do not barbecue in enclosed spaces – there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!
Candles and tea lights provide light in the dark. Also, remember to keep a sufficient supply of matches and lighters! A crank torch is also indispensable in case of a power failure, especially since you do not need batteries for operation! A crank radio is also an important source of information in case of a disaster.

If you use devices without a crank, make sure you have sufficient battery reserves. Also, make sure that the batteries of computers and telephones are charged and have a solar-powered charger ready.

Have emergency luggage ready!

In case of an emergency, you must leave the house quickly. Instead of stuffing things into your backpack, plan ahead, and have an emergency pack for each member of your family. This includes sturdy shoes, warm clothing, protective clothing, and a suitable breathing mask, as well as pocket knives, cutlery and crockery, a thermos flask, and important medication. Children should also carry an SOS capsule with their name, date of birth, and address.