Five Essential Oils Against Chronic Inflammation

Essential oils for inflammation could be your secret weapon, when struggling with aches, pains and chronic diseases. Use essential oils fighting inflammation can seem like an uphill battle – but now powerful anti-inflammatory properties of certain essential oils are here to offer a helping hand.

With holistic measures like these you don’t just have one line of defense against the everyday ailments that come along with chronic inflamation – such as rheumatism, psoriasis or even cancer – you’ll also enjoy improved overall wellbeing too. Get ready to discover some remarkable natural healing power today!

While a sudden injury can lead to acute inflammation that is quickly noticed and addressed, chronic inflammation often remains silent in the body. With no initial symptoms or warning signs, it may progress over many years – sometimes even decades – before evolving into more serious conditions such as cancer or diabetes.

Eating antioxidant-rich foods, taking a dietary supplement containing turmeric and magnesium, or doing a colon cleanse can be hugely beneficial for your health. Additionally, essential oils provide an effective way to combat chronic inflammation – thus strengthening the immune system from within!



Essential Oils With Anti-Inflammatory Effect

Potent, natural remedies exist to curb chronic inflammation – essential oils! There’s a variety of them in different forms that can either act preventively with active antioxidants and detoxifying effects or directly against already existing inflammations.

Even small amounts are known to make great strides. Frankincense and copaiba have been found especially effective when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re looking for something more than just an aspirin on top of your kitchen cabinet, these plant extracts offer a viable alternative.

5 Essential Oils Against Chronic Inflammation / Canva
5 Essential Oils Against Chronic Inflammation

Five Essential Oils For Inflammation

To help manage inflammation, try aromatherapy! These five essential oils can bring relief and promote whole-body wellness: they are the perfect natural remedy to reduce discomfort in your body.

Copaiba essential oil for chronic inflammation

The Copaiba tree is like a miracle in its native Amazon rainforest. Its essential oil, harvested from the resin of the tree, has shown to be more effective than pharmaceuticals such as diclofenac sodium for reducing inflammation and pain. Beta-carophyllene makes up over half of this powerful elixir’s ingredient list – an element that studies have found highly anti-inflammatory and gentle enough on skin to use undiluted at high concentrations!

Frankincense essential oil for chronic inflammation

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has relied on frankincense to aid in healing – an ancient art that continues even up until today.

The potent oil extracted from the resin of its tree is studied and proven by science as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, but gentle enough for safe applications directly onto skin.

So go ahead: reap all the benefits that this age-old remedy can bring!

Immortelle essential oil for chronic inflammation

Immortelle, or Italian strawflower, has been a valued remedy for centuries in the Mediterranean region.

Its anti-inflammatory properties have recently been scientifically proven, making it an ideal ingredient to include when creating essential oil blends intended to soothe and reduce inflammation.

Clove essential oil for chronic inflammation

The clove tree, native to the Philippines, blossoms with a unique and powerful fruit – cloves! Cloves contain an essential oil that is packed full of antioxidants.

It has been scientifically proven that this protective elixir contains over 70 percent eugenol which provides anti-inflammatory effects like no other natural remedy. Discover the benefits of nature’s healing relief today by unlocking its potential within every clove!

Blue chamomile essential oil for chronic inflammation

German chamomile essential oil may be best known for its beautiful blue hue and anti-inflammatory effects, but it boasts much more than that.

With over 60 percent of the oil composed of “chamazulene” plus a whopping 218,600 microTE/100g ORAC content – an impressive number considering you only need 1 to 3 μmole TE per day!

This potent oil could mean big things when it comes to fighting inflammation and free radical damage in your body.

Essential oils can help with chronic inflammation

Essential oils offer a natural remedy to chronic inflammation and its potentially dangerous consequences. With the potent extracts of plants in highly concentrated form, these organic treatments can help diminish underlying causes not just of run-of-the mill ailments but even serious diseases!

To guarantee safe use, be sure that your essential oil has undergone rigorous testing with only organically grown ingredients – no pesticides or herbicides allowed.


This article isn’t a substitute for seeking proper medical advice – always consult your doctor before taking any steps based on what you’ve read here or elsewhere. An informed opinion is key to making sure that any treatments taken are safe and effective!

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Essential Oils For Inflammation