I Think My Dogs A Bit “TOO EMOTIONAL” 💔

Whenever I talk to my dog, I can see that his eyes response in ways that seem like he felt me. My curiosity got the best of me and I did extensive research on the truth about dogs and their capacity to “FEEL”. Well, it all started when I accidentally talked to my dog in straight up English, and to my surprise, it was able not only to follow my instructions, but I also saw so much empathy in his eyes.

– I’m very curious if my dog and all the other dogs really are capable of feeling.
– If so, how much are dogs able to comprehend?
– Does this mean that dogs are truly highly-intellectual creatures?

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Got me wondering if my dog (and all other dogs, for that matter) is really capable of feeling (just like us humans).

I was not very surprised when I found out the answer — and it was a BIG YES, according to scientists. It has been declared that dogs indeed are empathic and are therefore capable of feeling emotions with and for their owners.

We all love our dogs and we love them unconditionally, but sometimes they don’t behave as per our expectations. You can’t even imagine how it feels when your dog is behaving in a negative way. If your dog has emotional issues, then it is not a matter of age or breed; it can happen to any dog. I think every dog owner needs some tips to get over their emotional dog.

Be firm and patient, Don’t take your dog’s negative behavior lightly; it may lead to serious issues if not handled properly. It is a common thing that your dog does something bad and you get angry. But the same thing you must understand that you need to remain calm and keep your patience.

If you show your anger to the dog, then the dog will not feel safe around you. It will be good if you are able to communicate with your dog, so that they can understand that you don’t get angry because of them. So, you need to remain calm and be firm while giving them a positive response.

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Here’s one of the useful articles that I found about this topic – https://theconversation.com.

I Think My Dogs A Bit "TOO EMOTIONAL"
I Think My Dogs A Bit “TOO EMOTIONAL”