Why Are Dogs So Special To Us?

When humans see dogs, all we see is a happy and loving face that’s always ready to jump to us and give us all the warm hugs there is.

– Sometimes we think dogs are not capable of feeling anything.
– Scientists from Canine Science Collaboratory speak up about this.
– It turns out, dogs are indeed capable of loving us humans and it’s not just a mere coincidence that they kiss us.

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These days, science has been investing a lot of their time and effort in finding out and understanding the very nature of dogs – also known as men’s best friend. Dogs have always been with us for years and their loyalty is unquestionable. However, many people want to know what is it with dogs that make them the perfect companion for humans.

The answer is quite simple, to be honest. It’s called love. This is a very basic emotion that isn’t limited to us humans, and can be felt by dogs too! – for us and to us. Science was able to study dogs’ reactions to human interaction and brain scans revealed that what makes them so different from other animals is their ability to love their human companion.

Read the heart-warming article here – https://www.washingtonpost.com.