Dogs In The Office – GOOD or BAD Idea?

Ever wonder how the entire guide dog industry works? How does a regular dog turn into a guide dog?

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– Not all dogs are born to guide, there are breeds that are “born to guide”.
– Some dogs, even if they are of the different breed can be trained to become guide dogs too.
– It takes so much dedication and patience to successfully make a dog into a guide dog.

Humans can sometimes need assistance that no other humans can provide. This is when a guide dog comes into the picture. Most of the time, guide dogs serve one human at a time. They remain loyal to the human and cater to his/her every need.

But before this dog became full-time guide dogs, they were like any other dogs. The big difference is the extensive training that they went through to become an effective guide dog.

These guide dogs are considered “working dogs” or “dogs with jobs”. Not just any job, but medical jobs most of the time, where they assist people with medical conditions.

Read how these dogs are trained in this article –