Tips: How To Read Your Dog’s 🐶 Facial Expressions

If you agree with experts who say that dogs are smart, you will also certainly agree that dogs are expressive! Since dogs can’t talk, it is essential that dog owners give a little more effort in understanding them and their needs.

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– Every dog lover knows how expressive dog faces are.
– Most of the time, those cute facial expressions are just categorized as CUTE.
– However, experts urge dog owners to decipher what these facial expressions mean.

On a daily basis, dogs can feel so many things and it is very important that dog owners “listen” to some of the clues that dogs give off when they are trying to communicate to use through facial expressions.

Aside from the body language, dogs can also give their owners the clue as to how they are feeling through their eyes, eyebrows, snout, and their overall facial gestures.

Basically, there are 8 proven and known facial expressions that dogs are capable of making.

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