Since When Did Dogs Start. Being Domesticated Creatures?

One of the most common pets of choice these days is the dog. They are even considered to be man’s best friends because of their natural sweetness and tame.

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– One of the most trainable animals on the planet is dogs.
– Dogs can easily follow instructions with proper motivation and training.
– One of the reasons why dogs are so loved is because of their natural instinct to stay loyal to their human companions.

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Have you ever wondered when dogs actually became the best companion for humans? Dogs were have proven themselves to be the best choice when it comes to a home family’s pet. Their nature is always the sweet and caring type and they easily create bonds with humans, as compared to all other animals. This is the reason why they earned the title as man’s best friend.

So when was the first time that dogs became domesticated creatures?

According to research, dog domestication dates back up to almost historically as old as time itself. In fact, dogs were the companion of choice for cavemen whenever they go hunting for food. Although dogs were not that trained extensively back then, their innate longing to help us humans have always been there.

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