Can Dogs Detect Bad People? 😮

During scientific experimentation, scientists were able to prove this ability rare to dogs. Do you know that your pet can detect when someone is lying? If not, then don’t worry because I am going to tell you that your dog is so intelligent that he can understand the human language and knows how to read the emotions of a person.

– Unlike any other animals, dogs have the highest intuition when it comes to humans.
– To finally put a firm proof, scientists made an experiment about dog’s intuition.
– Find out what the results of the experiments are and get to know more about your best friend.

You may have seen it more than once, your dog may have suddenly barked at a friend or stranger, and you wonder why because that person seems to be doing NOTHING at all. So why was your dog provoked by that person’s presence? You’re not the first one to wonder this.

Scientists were also curious about this “unusual” behavior displayed by dogs to some individuals, so they did an experiment to see what it was all about.

Turns out, dogs are capable to “sensing” bad people and that’s probably why when they see one, they become very defensive, even when that person is not attacking them.

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If you are having a good relationship with your pet then it is certain that your pet will be able to read your emotions. He/she will know when you are angry or happy.

Here are some signs that you should look for in your dog:

Body language

When you are angry, your body language will change. Your hands will be tense and legs will be crossed. If you are happy, then you will feel like dancing and if you are sad, then you will cry.

Eye contact

Your pet will make eye contact with you when he/she wants something from you. If you try to ignore him/her, then he/she will show his/her disappointment on his/her face.


If you are stressed out or you are angry, then your pet will get stressed and he/she will show it by making some body movements. Your pet will be nervous if he/she sees you fighting with someone.


If you are happy, your dog will perk up his ears. If you are angry, then he/she will close his/her ears and if you are scared then he/she will flatten his ears.

If you want to know more about how your dog can detect your emotions then keep reading.


Dogs have a very good sense of smell and they can read the emotions of the people just by smelling their skin. They will understand if you are angry or sad.


If your pet is happy, he/she will be happy and he/she will bark and wag his/her tail. If you are angry, then he/she will growl and will start barking. If you are scared, then your pet will become calm and will make a whimpering sound.