Dog Shot Dead – Reward For Any Info About Case

Animal cruelty has always been the common enemy of dog lovers everywhere. Whenever news about animal cruelty emerges, pet lovers are united against the abuser.

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– A dog was found dead floating the Narrow River.
– The dog was a black terrier breed and was sadly found to have died in a terrible way.
– Whoever committed such cruel crime is in for a big punishment.

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People are now on a lookout for the perpetrator of an animal abuse case that happened in South Florida. A small black terrier dog was found inside a black garbage bag floating along the Narrow River. The Narragansett Police Department posted in their social media account news about the incident and people were so upset about what happened. Animal lovers didn’t want to let this evil act go away that easily.

This led to the raising of reward for anyone who can point to the right direction the on-going investigation to find out who the criminal mind was of such an evil act.

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