Dog Rescue 🏠 Cases Can Finally Get To Socialize BETTER!

Being a rescue dog is not easy, the shelter can be a lonely place to stay sometimes.

– Trina Grubaugh and Gwen Lau conceived the idea of letting shelter dogs interact more with people.
– The program was named BE A GOOD DOG UNIVERSITY.
– Currently, the place is run by 20 volunteers.

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A very special place in Sedalia, Missouri is taking in dogs from shelters and rescue centers to enable them to have better interaction with more people from different walks of life. The program is called β€œBe a Good Dog University” (also known as BAGDU), which is run by around 20 volunteers at the moment.

The main aim of the program is to allow dogs to maintain interaction with people, even before they get adopted. Basically, this is to avoid making them feel lonely because staying in a β€œdog orphanage” can tend to be lonely.

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