Funny Dog 📸 Pictures Are Better Than Children’s Photos… WHY?

Today, we live in a world where privacy is not that important anymore.

– More and more parents are posting their children’s photos online.
– Dog owners would agree that dog photos are better to post than children’s photos.
– Aside from keeping your children safe, it also enforces privacy for them.

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BEFORE you decide to click the share button and post your children’s photos in any social media platform online, think long and hard about it and consider your children’s privacy. Remember that not everyone on your friend’s list is really your “friends” and some of them you barely even know, plus the fact that someone else might have hacked or possessed your friend’s account in any way. This makes posting photos of your children a very risky practice.

That’s why pet owners are in complete agreement when they suggest that instead of posting their children’s personal photos online – where you can’t control how far it will reach. Why not try posting your pet dog’s photos and see how much reactions you will get.

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