Different Dog Breeds, 🐢 Different Personalities!

If you own dogs, chances are that you know how unique each dog can be from each other.

– According to experts, dog personalities really vary from one dog to another.
– Even dogs of the same breed will have completely different personalities.
– These personalities, however, can change over time.

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Dogs are pretty much like humans, they have their own likes and dislikes and they may even tend to show some of their real feelings and reactions about certain scenarios or situations. This is what we call personalities or behavior.

Just like us, their personalities can be very contrasting and different from one another. That’s why it’s true that each dog will have a different closeness or bond with each human. Not all relationships are the same between dogs and men.

All experts agree on one thing that dogs can change their personalities too, over time, especially when there are good reasons too.

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