Dog Owners Face HIGH ๐Ÿ’ธ COSTS For Dog Food And Care

So you love dogs, right? But can you REALLY afford one?

– Acquiring a dog may have varied costs.
– Sometimes you get them for free, through adoption.
– Sometimes you need to pay for them in high amounts, especially if they are a pure breed.

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Most dog owners may not notice it, because they have pure sheer love for their pets, but having a dog could be a high price to pay – literally!

Regardless of what age the puppies are when you got them, homing a dog is not at all cheap. Well, it would, of course, depend on how well you treat them and โ€œspoilโ€ them, but the bottom line is, no dog comes with a cheap price tag.

An estimated monthly cost of $26 TO $75 was the average result when dog owners were surveyed on the topicโ€ฆ BUT in real life, it shoots way beyond those figures.

By how much?

As much as double the ceiling valueโ€ฆ a shocking $150 a month!

It goes to show that if you really love dogs, these costs become mere numbers and the price becomes bearable.

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