😨 I Can’t Believe What This Dog Owner Did To The Pit Bull That Attacked His 2 Dogs!

I know how much some dog owners can be very protective of their dogs, but this is BRUTAL.

– A pit bull attacked 2 dogs in Massachusetts.
– The owner of the 2 dogs did not just want to standby and watch his 2 dogs get hurt.
– A bit brutal as it may sound, but the dog owner of the 2 dogs went and stabbed the pit bull as revenge.

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Dogs, when they misbehave and do brutal things, can be attributed to the fact that they are animals and are after all wild by nature. So when we hear of news about dogs attacking another dog, we tend to feel sorry for the victim dog and wish that it never happens to any of our pet.

The attack of a pit bull on 2 dogs in Massachusetts showed a different reaction from the victim’s owner, as the owner took justice into his own hands and decided to avenge his 2 dogs by stabbing the attacking dog with his bare hands.

It was indeed a bad sight to see, bloody and all brutal, but people’s opinion about the incident is divided. Some believe the pit bull deserves the stabbing while some think it was a brutal act coming from a human.

What do you think?

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Read the full news here – www.usnews.com.