Dog Fur Color – Does It Matter Much?

People are sometimes skin deep, we tend to sometimes see the beauty in the most superficial ways. In animals, most people often look at their fur colors when deciding if we will take them home or not.

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– Base on observations, pets are usually taken in by their owners based on their appearance.
– The primary thing that is usually taken into consideration is the color of their fur.
– Most people make their decisions before adopting or buying a dog or a cat is the fur color of the pet.

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Animals come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and colors. Their furs are genetically predetermined and it is usually, but not always, inherited from their parents. With that being said, their fur color is the main contributor to how they look. It can’t be denied that most people would go for the cute and adorable ones when choosing their house pets.

There is even a what they call “black dog” or “black cat” syndrome where black-furred dogs and cats usually get picked last. Sadly, a lot of people think that these dogs or cats bring bad luck, simply because of the color of their fur.

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