Who Is The Most Dog-Friendly Country?

Every city has a different law when it comes to pet animals. Dogs, cats, and whatever domesticated animals there are in a certain city, their rights greatly depend on the government’s priorities.

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– Cities and countries can either be animal friendly or not.
– When a city is animal-friendly, the pet owners are fortunate and so are the pets of course.
– There are only very few countries that give the highest priority to animal rights.

If you love your pets, you might want to put greater thoughts as to where you will reside for the rest of your life with your pet. Keep in mind that not all countries have the same treatment for pet animals. There are countries that care for less than the minimum and there are countries that care way so much about pet animals that they even come up with constitution and by-laws to protect animal rights to help pet owners have an easier time when caring for their beloved pets.

One of the most pet animal-friendly countries ever is Canada. Pet owners are covered by the care and compassion of the laws in the government officials.

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