WATCH OUT! This Dog ๐Ÿ– Food Could Cause Health Problems

Not just one, but 16 dog food brands are known to be linked to dog heart disease.

– Most dog owners prefer to serve their pets dog food than human food.
– Dog foods are usually known to be rich in protein, an essential nutrient for a dogโ€™s growth.
– There is more and more correlation between dog foods and heart disease.

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Heart disease in dogs are getting more and more common, and the usual pattern is the dilated cardiomyopathy where dogs will have difficulty breathing and soon will eventually cease to have access to air in their lungs, since it will also be blocked and filled with mucus and other fluids that causes the inflammation of the two vital organs.

The Food and Drug Administration has named, with no hesitation, 16 popular brands of dog foods that might be purchased by dog owners once or more than once, for their pet dogs.

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