Golden Retriever Dog – Employed To Give Help In Courthouses! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš–οΈ

Who’d have thought that the courthouses will have a special place for dogs? Courthouses are opening work opportunities for dogs who are trainable to interact with witnesses or grieving family members.

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– When we look at courthouses, we see the strict and stern environment that is dominated by lawyers.
– The courthouse may appear like the last place where dogs will have a good place to be in.
– Lately, dogs are in fact taking a bigger and more important role within county courthouses.

As they face one of the most important yet frightening experiences in their life – a court trial. Court trials usually come as a source of stress for all parties involved, most especially for the victim and their family members.

Recently, Ramsey county courthouse has joined and agreed with the positive effects that these furry creatures had on people who were involved in any trial. That’s why they are opening their courthouse doors for career opportunities for dog breed like golden retrievers and the like.

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