Dog Abused πŸ’”, Photos Circulates Online In Social Media Sites

Social media is supposed to be a place where people see good things and good news.

– A sadistic photo of showing evidence of dog abuse has gone viral.
– The photos showed a truck from Ramsay’s Towing of Waltham with a dog tied at the back.
– The poor dog was photographed tied in a bed behind the tow truck.

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Perhaps it was a good thing that the photos were shared online so that it can be seen by the proper authorities. When the photos earned more than a hundred shares and many more facebook reactions, the authorities did their best to trace the driver and renter of the towing truck.

It’s indeed not a good sight to see when a dog is left hanging outside a big truck, especially when tied at a bed of a moving truck. In the picture, it was apparent that the towing truck was moving and it surely imposed a great threat to the safety of the furry animal.

People wanted to get justice for this dog.

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