Neapolitan Ice Cream for Dogs ( Video )

You have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. DOGS CAN’T HAVE CHOCOLATE! And plain yogurt is good enough. So, not gonna add vanilla.

If you want to, you can add vanilla extract to it. So, one of our cups all is done. Where gonna set that one aside. The next cup where gonna make is strawberry.

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Video summary:

I have some strawberries cut up here All I’m gonna do, is stir it into the yogurt! Pouring the strawberries You have to wait! I’ll stir these up together and will make it pink! You’ll have to wait!

Shelby, want a strawberry? Shelby’s like “No!” Ok, let’s try to lick this. Shelby, want strawberry with dip? Oh, these guys are great with dip, huh? *To Memphis* Want a strawberry?

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You like strawberry? How about you? Want one? Nora’s like “I don’t know what I’m having, but this is amazing!” I took one whole strawberry and smashed it up with a fork.

Now, where gonna add it to this. I’m trying to turn it up a little pinker and if Memphis doesn’t eat it up first. There we go! Now we get some pink going on there! Now is pinker, this by smashing a strawberry or two. Learn more in the video.