How To DIY Beef Stew Kong for Dogs ( Video )

How to DIY beef stew kong for dogs. You can use lean hamburger, or pretty much use whatever you want. Today, I’m using some cut up stew meat. You will also need, a carrot. A stalk of celery… That carrot is escaping! You want to eat the carrot? Shelby says ‘No!” You want to eat it? Alright! I have a feeling Memphis will try it! You would like to try it too Oakley?

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Video summary:

She’s like, “Mmm…” “I would try a raw carrot!” (laughter) Anyway, a carrot and then a potato. What I’m going to do now, is that I’m going to dice all these up. Then, we’re going to show you the next steps.

What you think? Here! Would you like… By the way, if you are not comfortable feeding your dogs with raw meat, don’t do it. We are going to cook this for the recipe. The girls have eaten raw meat before. They can have a little raw taste!

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Is that good? That’s grass fed beef right there! No! That’s for Oakley! Gosh Shelby! Don’t you try to take from Oakley! Anyway, let’s prepare this stuff.

Okay, so we have gone and we had diced up the celery, potato, carrots and the meat. The meat is, you know small size. Now, we are going to take all the ingredients and put them in a pan. Then, we are going to just barely cover them with water. Let’s see… I know you will eat the carrot! Will you eat the carrot? Oh! She ate it! Will Shelby eat the carrot? Learn more in the video!

DIY Beef Stew Kong for Dogs
DIY Beef Stew Kong for Dogs