Even The Cutest 😍 Dogs Should NOT Be Treated As Toys!

Are dogs nice toys? The saying goes, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye”, is quite appropriate for this story.

– It was a lovely afternoon in one of Arvada, Colorado’s restaurant.
– A woman’s attention was caught by a friendly dog, who was with its handler.
– The dog was husky and is said to be a foster dog.

From all happy smiles and warm touching, it became an instant nightmare for a woman who did nothing but pet a stranger’s dog in a public place.

It was an afternoon on August 7 when a Siberian husky was brought in at a restaurant by its handler, for a nice afternoon walk and some snacks too!

The Siberian husky was an attention-grabber, and it appeared that the feeling was mutual between the dog and the passers-by who enjoyed petting it.

A CCTV footage revealed though that it was not really that mutual, after all! When the dog released its seemingly frustrated feelings to one of the women who was petting him.

The video lasted for almost two minutes. At the start, it looked like everyone was having fun, the dog included – being the center of everyone’s attention. Then suddenly, halfway through the video, it attacks the face of one of its new “friends”.

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Watch the shocking story in Bill Bostock’s article – https://www.thisisinsider.com.

Dogs are Toys
Dogs are Toys