Cutest Dog Member Of The Justice System Dies – Heartbreaking Indeed!πŸ˜₯

Every dog is special. This dog had a VERY special task for family members of crime victims.

– Some dogs are well-trained to be protective, thus they are aggressive.
– Some dogs are well-trained for medical purposes, making them good followers.
– Then there are dogs who are well-trained to give pure love and comfort.

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Losing a family member because of crime is not an easy thing to face. A lot of family members of crime victims tend to feel strong negative emotions and are in great need of help in terms of comfort and love. This is why the work of some dogs are VERY significant.

A police dog named Lady, from Wichita, has been giving pure love and comfort to various family members of crime victims whose death came in an unexpected and brutal way, making it very hard for the bereaved family to accept the loss.

Usually, Lady comes in to make the family members feel comfortable and at ease when talking about burial plans and other justice matters to the mourning family.

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Find out what happened when Lady died in this heartbreaking report –