Any Ideas πŸ€” What Companies Put On Dog Foods These Days?

Ever wonder what they mix in those mysterious dog foods that you serve your food?

– Dog foods that are packed are becoming more and more popular for pet owners.
– It is more convenient to buy these feeds than to cook fresh meat every now and then.
– Have you ever wondered what they mix in those dog foods?

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If you’ve smelled dog foods, you will agree that they smell strong and weird. You may not even make out the components of these products. Are there harmful ingredients or are all the ingredients 100% good for their health?

In the latest report, Purina was found to have plans to incorporate some crickets and fish heads into their ingredients when making dog foods for their products. Would you want your dog to be eating these kinds of stuff? What will be the benefits or the negative effects of these kinds of food when ingested by our furry friends?

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