Classical Yoga – A 30-Minute Sequence You Can Practice

Classical yoga is a system of spiritual knowledge coming from the scriptures and are taught by certified yoga teachers. It is not a creative yoga routine. This type of yoga can be practiced by anyone even if they are only beginners. Check out the 30-minute yoga sequence below!

Anastasija writes in the comments:

Hi, Leah Marie! Thank you for this video. I am beginner in Hatha Yoga and enjoyed your practice a lot! I feel like rebirth or like after sauna ❤

Classical Yoga 30-Minute Sequence

Roll out your mat and begin with a cross-legged position. Breathe in and out for a couple of seconds.

Then, stretch towards your right knee and then towards your left knee. Stretch again towards the front and make sure that you are comfortable when doing these poses.

The next yoga pose is the table top position. Do the cat-cow when in this position. The third pose is a downward facing dog.

Try to pedal while in this position for a better stretch and for opening up your hips and activating your hamstrings.

Get into your standing yoga pose and just breathe in and out for a few seconds. Lift your right hand towards the sky and lift your toes off the mat, too. Do the same thing for your left hand. Then, lift both of your hands and do the same pose.

Classical Yoga – A 30-Minute Sequence / Canva
Classical Yoga – A 30-Minute Sequence

What Are The Benefits Of Classical Yoga?

Delve into the centuries-old wisdom of Classical Yoga and unlock its power to bring true balance between body and mind.
Learn postures, breathwork, relaxation techniques and meditation – all essential parts of this time-honoured practice – in order to enjoy physical fitness, clear thinking and emotional equilibrium!

Classical Yoga Helps To Improve Physical Fitness

Firstly, classical yoga helps to improve physical fitness by promoting flexibility, strength and stability. Postures can be modified according to individual needs.

From gentle stretching to more vigorous poses, gradually building up strength over time as you become more familiar with the practice.

Additionally, breathwork strengthens the respiratory system. Focusing on breath awareness helps to regulate the nervous system which in turn leads to improved concentration levels during everyday activities.

Secondly, the mental benefits of classical yoga are reflected in improved clarity of thought and reduction in stress levels.

Mental Benefits

Studies have shown that regular practice increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter associated with feeling good) levels whilst reducing cortisol (a hormone responsible for stress).

Meditation also helps individuals cultivate inner peace through learning how to detach from unhelpful thoughts or negative emotions.

Classical Yoga Report Enhanced Feelings

Finally, practitioners of classical yoga report enhanced feelings of wellbeing due to greater connection with their true self beyond an individual’s external environment or ‘personality’.

This could include gaining insight into one’s values or identifying areas in need of improvement such as managing relationships better or cultivating healthier lifestyle habits.

Ultimately then, whether you’re looking for physical or mental health benefits or simply wanting some space away from life’s distractions. Incorporating elements of classical yoga into your daily routine could make all the difference!
Watch the rest of the video on how you can complete this classical yoga sequence!