DIY Christmas Cookies for Dogs ( Video )

Let’s make some Peppermint Christmas tree dog treats. As of the time we are filming this Christmas is actually very close.

I thought we would do a very simple easy recipe for today. It’s a very limited ingredient recipe. We use rice flour in this recipe.

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You only need a few things, throw them together and pop them right in the oven. The first thing we’re gonna need is two eggs. I’m gonna go ahead and take a fork and bust these up a little bit so that they mix a little bit better.

What you think Oakley? Oakley’s like, “Oh! Scrambled eggs?” “I like scrambled eggs!” Next we’re going to need two tablespoons of coconut cooking oil. And I used this stuff.

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A lot of you guys have asked about it. I’ll try to remember to put an Amazon affiliate link to it down below. Same thing with the rice flour. I like it because… I mean you can get cooking oil or coconut oil a couple different ways.

I like this because it’s actually already in the oil form. I’ve used it before where it’s been in the hard form and it just doesn’t work as well with baking. You want… Cooking… Coconut cooking oil for Christmas.