Valentine’s Day Chocolates For Dogs ( Video )

Ah, guess what we’re doing today Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.

What everybody wants for Valentine’s Day which is chocolate only? Now don’t forget dogs can’t have chocolate.

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Video summary:

So what are we gonna use everybody? Let’s say it together carob not chocolate Carob So we are going to make some peanut butter filled Candies for dogs.

We are going to use some carob chips and melt them You can also move these candy melts You can either get the ones with color in them or you can get the white ones and then put your own like natural colorings In it, depending on what you want to do again.

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These are just a treat It’s not something your dog should be having all the time So I went ahead and just grabbed a couple different colors.

And then this is my carob chips I will put some Amazon affiliate links to some of those things down in the video description below as well I also have my new the dogs got me this for Christmas My little melter for candy.

I’m gonna need some peanut butter These boxes actually have real chocolate in them them not they’re not for the dogs I bought the boxes so Jamie and I can eat the chocolates and then we could use the boxes.

To put the dog chocolates in I thought that would be kind of cute But anyway, we’re gonna go ahead and get this started if you guys are new here. Learn more in the video!