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Dogs day out. Statistically, dogs are the second most popular pets in the world after cats
All dog breeds are descended from the wolf. The human being began already approx. 80,000 years ago with the taming of the wild wolves (Domestication).
Dogs can recognize colors (especially blue and green), but they are blind for red.
With a total of 78 chromosomes, dogs have almost twice as many chromosomes as humans (46).
The sense of smell is by far the best-developed sense in dogs. With their sensitive nose, dogs can smell even through closed suitcases, which is why they are also used by the police as explosive and drug detection dogs.
Currently, a distinction is made between about 350 different dog breeds.
Especially intelligent dog breeds are suitable as guide dogs. In a long and intensive training, the dog is taught important commands (e.g. the bringing of certain objects).
Small dogs have a higher life expectancy compared to large dogs.

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