There are hundreds of cities in the world, which ones will give your dog a warm welcome?

– Some pet owners just love to travel.
– Not all cities in the world are welcoming to these furry animals.
– Find out which cities are dog-friendly and which ones are not.

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When traveling we just want to be with our loved ones… and sometimes, those loved ones come in the form of a four-legged furry friend… a dog!

BUT, before you pack your bags and all the dog foods in your cabinet, find out which country you can go to with your little best friend because NOT all cities will welcome you and those cute little paws… sad, but true.

So anyway, not to fret though, because there are really so many cities out there who are more than willing to open their gates for you and that cute furball you have who are probably sitting on your lap or by your feet as you read this.

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