Man Accused Of Training Dog To Attack 👮 Cops?! CRAZY Goal Indeed!

A 30-year-old man from St. Francois County is accused of commanding his dog to attack a deputy on duty.

– It is a serious offense to allow your dogs to roam around attacking civilians.
– An even greater offense is commanding your pet to go after a cop.
– This is what 30-year-old Justin Bennett did and he’s facing consequences for his actions.

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Justine Bennett was under active probation when local deputy officer Mike Ryan spotted him out of his supposed area last July 2, 2019. Knowing that Bennett has a restraining order, the deputy tried to make contact with him by asking him politely to stay put so he can conduct a proper investigation of the situation; but instead, Bennett commanded his dog to attack the deputy on duty.

This resulted in the arrest and further incrimination of Bennett, who was charged with felony resisting arrest, bailable at $10,000.

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