Top 5 Dog Food Myths Debunked!

The biggest dog food myth of all time was the belief that dogs should only be fed cooked, processed, and preserved dog food day after day. The truth is, people made this myth up years and years ago when dog food was first created so that money could be earned from the by-products and other ingredients that were not fit for human consumption.

Don’t get me wrong, dog food is okay for your companion and great for convenience sake, in the fact that it takes no effort whatsoever to feed. However, I feel that it’s extremely far from being appropriate for any breathing, living animal especially my best friend.

I believe wholeheartedly that dogs will thrive better if they’re fed real, fresh, home-prepared dog food.Top 5 Dog Food Myths Debunked!

This myth was actually only revealed a short time ago when all the dog food recalls started happening. That’s when pet owners started becoming more interested in what they were actually feeding their furry friends and started looking into homemade pet foods they could feed their companions.

Unfortunately, the attention from the media about the recalls, has now created different types of dog food myths. Not only are people talking about the recalls, their adding false warnings about feeding your pets homemade pet food.

Which is why I’ve decided today to write my list of the Top 5 Good And Bad Foods For Your Dog To Eat>>>

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