Top 10 Dog Breeds ( Video )

Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 dog breeds jump in the back seat now for this list we’re looking at all varieties of pups from the petite to the huge.

Aand are choosing favorites based on their demeanors and ease of training as well as their cute and cuddly factors but to be clear we love all pooches now grab your leash and let’s go for a walk good boy.

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Video summary:

I shall now demonstrate a simple walk all right number 10 Saint Bernard named Cujo although famously featured in the horror film Cujo which is based on the Stephen King novel the Saint Bernard is a big friendly creature whose true self is probably better portrayed in the family-friendly flick Beethoven named after the great st.

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Bernard hospice the dog has roots as far back as 980 ad and while they did not carry barrels of brandy they were indeed bred for life and rescue work in the Alps.

The breed was nearly wiped out due to severe winters in the early 1800s but was happily crossbred with Newfoundland dogs to restore and preserve their numbers nightly.

Number nine English cocker spaniel can’t you explain to lady about Sunday’s differing slightly an appearance and purpose from its American cousin the English cocker spaniel.

Has been a fixture in the arts in some way for nearly half a century first appreciated as a quality hunting dog in both dry and wet conditions cocker spaniels were bred to hunt game birds particularly one game bird called the Woodcock is where their name comes from the cocker spaniel