Dog Care Update: TESLA 🚗 Now Has “Dog Mode” Feature

You’ve probably heard of news where dog owner’s cars get smashed by passers-by.

– When dog owners leave their pets inside a parked car, it creates chaos.
– Pets are reported every now and then to be left inside a parked car.
– Passers-by usually feel worried about these dogs and may tend to intervene.

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TESLA knows that pet owners have always had problems when they leave their pets inside parked cars, even though the air conditioning system is turned on. People who think that the pet inside is in danger tend to intervene and break the glass window to “rescue” the life inside; when in fact, it wasn’t in any danger in the first place.

So now, TESLA decided to create a “dog mode” for their cars, to allow pet owners to leave their pets inside the parked car without the risk of misinterpretation from people who pass it by.

There is a monitor that will project the current temperature inside the car, making it easier to monitor if the pet is in good condition.

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