What People Say To Their Dogs?

When you take your dogs out for a walk, you sometimes encounter people who think it’s okay to approach you and your pooch. There are some instances that it’s completely okay and some instances when it’s not.

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– When we were little, our parents would tell us not to talk to strangers.
– There are, however, a lot of grown-ups who don’t practice this.
– People would sometimes approach and talk to other people without minding if it’s okay or not to the other person’s privacy.

Sometimes a good walk outside is good to help freshen up the mind. A good walk is also healthy for the mind, especially when it gives you peace. This peace of mind usually comes from the fact that people get to have some legitimate alone time. This rare moment when you get to be alone with your pet dog, however, can get interrupted sometimes by a complete stranger who assumes that it’s alright to talk to you… or to your dog!

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In most cases, it’s a completely harmless sentence or two. There are instances though when the small talks can become a bit intrusive and some pet owners may not share the same welcoming interest to the stranger who is pressing his presence. There are certain lines that need to be kept clear when people encounter strangers, especially those who are handling or walking their pet dogs. This is all for safety reasons too! Since some dogs may tend to become a bit aggressive when they misunderstand that their owners are being attacked or endangered by someone whom they are not familiar with.

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