Are Small Dogs Even Useful? Find Out Now! 🐶

Small dogs… they are cute and cuddly, but who would have thought that they are more than just that?

– Every dog owner has his/her preference on what type of dog they want.
– There are those who want big dogs, and those who want small dogs.
– Small dogs are surprisingly not just about being cute and cuddly.

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One of the advantages of owning a small dog is that they are easier to maintain because they have a relatively smaller appetite and they are also easier to groom. Aside from the fact that they require smaller space in the house for their bed and litter, small dogs are also easier to carry around if in case you want to bring them with you outside or in a mall.

Small dogs, according to scientists, are actually useful in detecting a health issue that’s been looming around for ages – the big C – as in CANCER.

As great as it may sound, you need to make sure that you know full well about the hows of training small dogs into cancer detectives.

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