Say No To Puppy Farms

By purchasing these pups, you might be removing them from a squalid life, but no thought is given to the mothers of these sick puppies who languish in cramped spaces, never seeing the light of day or feeling the comforting touch of a human hand.

They are breeding machines, with little or no recovery between litters and when they can no longer reproduce, are often killed.

I remember Lily, a Cocker Spaniel who was purchased from an online advertisement. Our client had suspected that she was a breeding bitch since she was not house trained and was petrified of open spaces. When I first met Lily she was unresponsive and had very little interest accept for her owner, whom she followed everywhere.

It was heartbreaking and took many visits before she would even acknowledge me, but the breakthrough, when it came, was almost euphoric. I entered the property as normal and called Lily’s name. Say No To Puppy Farms

Usually it took a few renditions of Hello by Lional Ritchie, before she would lift her head from a sleeping position, but that day, there was a slight wag of her tail and a little light in those dark brown eyes that made me believe that she was slowly emerging from her shell.

In the three years of walking Lily, she would never show the exuberance of a ‘normal’ dog, but slowly, over time, a bond was formed. Lily was shy with strangers throughout the remainder of her life, but she became the most loving of dogs and completely devoted to those within her family unit.

Sadly the family moved out of our area, but ……. >>>>

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