Newsflash: 😥 Big Dog With Purple Collar Found Dead Inside Crate!

How sad to know about the fate of this pitbull-like dog who had to die for unknown reasons.

– A wooden area in Connecticut became a tragic ending for a dog last Monday.
– Local residents found an overturned crate that contained the dog’s dead body.
– Why would pet owners resort to torturing and even killing of their pets?

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Not everyone who owns a dog is genuine dog lovers. Some owners may not be as passionate and compassionate about caring for their pet animals. Just like the owner of the pitbull-like dog who was found dead inside an overturned crate in a forest in Connecticut.

It was indeed a tragic day last Monday when a dead dog’s body was found, and the sadder part was that the dog probably had an owner due to the presence of a purple collar around its neck. The closest answers that officials can make up with is that the dog was probably no longer loved or it may have done something wrong to its owners.

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