Intense 👮 Police Dog Training: Worth It Or Not?

Whenever we hear about police dogs, we wonder how much training these dogs undergo.

– As intense as policemen themselves train, police dogs undergo the same level of training.
– Is the intense level of training really worth it for each police dog?
– Find out why governments worldwide invest budget for K-9 unit training.

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Canine units are one of the most useful crews in preventing and catching criminals from all over the world. That’s why the government never ceases to support this department because it has been known that the intense training these police dogs undergo to is completely worth it!… and worth the budget as well!

So how do we know that our taxes are going to the right expenses?

Just recently, Sophie, a canine assigned in the Customs department of Malta Airport, was able to prevent a man from laundering money into the country. Sophie gave her human partners a heads up when she barked on a man’s luggage which turned out to contain an illegal amount of €16,000 undeclared cash.

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