Police Chase Leads To Injured 🐕 Cops, Civilians… and Dogs!

How far are police willing to go in order to pursue and capture a criminal?

– Apparently, some cops are more than willing to risk their lives just to serve justice.
– A wild LA police pursuit proves how dedicated some cops are.
– When it comes to fighting criminals, dogs are also as dedicated as our own local cops.

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Whenever there’s a wild chase between an on-the-lose criminal and the cops, the civilians are always the ones who suffer the consequences of this unpredictable wild hunt. People can possibly get hurt, and it’s always the “bad guys” who know that these civilians are the “good guys” liability and weakness.

This is how criminals sometimes take advantage of every situation. They make sure that the civilians end up being harmed or in danger so that the attention of the cops pursuing them will be divided and they can get away from jail time.

True enough, a dog and 2 civilians were hurt during a police chase, and it’s really an eye-opener about the reality of these police pursuits.

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Read the full article here – https://www.policeone.com.