Plant-Based 🌱 Proteins Are THE SAME AS DOG FOOD??? YUCK!

I may have been consuming dog food after all?

– I love my dogs, but I would NEVER in a thousand years dream of eating what they eat!
– I’m vegan, so generally, I get my protein from plant-based foods.
– I just found out that I’ve been eating “dog food” for more than a year now. YUCK!

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Finding out that my plant-based protein supplement is practically the same as dog food can really come as a huge surprise! An ugly surprise for that matter.

I’ve recently read that plant-based protein are actually made from exactly the same materials as the ones that are used for producing my dog’s food. Yep! The brown paper-like material that pours and give my little puppy every day is actually as good as the “fake meat” that I’ve been eating for more than a year now.

Although a lot of manufacturers strongly deny these claims, experts have given their valuable opinions and it does seem to sound like what I’m eating is basically the same as my dog. Who would like that idea, right?

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