Everyone Wants a Rescue Dog! Why?

One of the most beloved animals in the world are dogs. In fact, they are easily adopted by loving families. During an interview, people who intended to adopt dogs were asked for reasons why they want to adopt dogs.

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– As much as some people want to adopt a dog, they simply can’t.
– There are certain criteria to follow before someone can be approved for adopting a dog.
– Find out what are possible reasons to not get approval for dog adoption.

Most of their reasons were valid, some just want to have companions. Some want the sense of fulfillment it gives them to have known that they were able to rescue a dog. Some are just plain bored and want to have a good past time. Some are sincerely there for passion and for the love of dogs.

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The answer to this question is very critical. For animal shelter administrators, they don’t actually easily approve anyone who walks in and declare that they want to adopt. It turns out, any candidate who wants to adopt will need to undergo crucial steps and it includes knowing their intention for adopting a dog.

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