Match the Dog to Their Owner ( Video )

Dogs always look like their owners. – Oh my, oh, look at you. – I think he’s so cute.

Chip looks like he’s probably a couch cuddler. He’s a little sausage-shaped. – He’ll do anything for a treat, it looks like.

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Video summary:

You look like you’ll do anything for a treat. What do you like to do on the weekends? – I like to hang out with my dog.

He looks like he might sit on the couch as often as this dog does. – Oh, uh-oh. – Let’s go over here. – A hard no.

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Oh my gosh, it’s a Frenchie, so cute! Walter, what’s up Walter? – Hi, oh hi. – We are very fashionable dog, Walter. So I think that you’ve gotta go with somebody with a chic look, but I’m gonna go with the young lady on the end here.

I think his owner’s a dad. – I don’t know, he’s very persistent. And men are usually persistent when they want something. Oh, I feel like it’s you.

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What do you do for a living? – I’m actually a dog trainer. – Are you? – Yeah. – He kinda fits the model of maybe somebody, at least in my mind, that’s a young urban professional at the moment.

Cute little puppy, and it looks so good in selfies, so. – Yeah. – I’m gonna be terrible at this game but I don’t care. The puppies are so cute. – Oh, look at this one! Ooh, this is really hard, actually. You’re a little hesitant, okay. Maybe kind of shy? Maybe the owner’s a little shy as well?