Residents Won’t Receive 📮 Mails Because Of Dog Attacks! Find Out What Happened!

Mail deliveries in a town in Kentucky won’t be arriving on time.

– Who would’ve thought that dog attacks could affect government services?
– The mailmen in a local town in Kentucky aren’t able to successfully do their job.
– The reason? Dogs! Read how and why this unfortunate situation unfolded.

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If you think dog fights are small things and can harm no one, except the dogs and their owners, well you better think again.

Dog fights in a certain town in Kentucky have led the postponement of one of the most important government services in the city – the local mail delivery system.

Apparently, there have been too many dog fights on the streets, which caused the failure of delivery vehicles to pass through the town to deliver the parcels to its rightful recipients.

So, what happens now? Until when will the postponement be? Is there any solution to this simple yet urgent local government problem? Find out!

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