Have You Heard About This “Lab Lady”? ๐Ÿ’Ÿ Get The Chance To Know About It NOW!

There are so many rescue dogs in the United States that are needing a new home.

– Whenever a dog is rescued from abusive owners, it will need a new home to live in.
– Dogs that are rescued range from all types of breed.
– Thereโ€™s a dog rescue center that houses lab dogs and assists in re-homing them.

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A cute and funny article writes about a labrador dogโ€™s experience in his journey of finding a new home, after coming from a bitter background. Just like most dogs who have been rescued, these dogs have been through a lot and are most likely in need of a loving family to care for them and provide their basic needs.

A dog shelter focuses on labrador breeds because these breeds are one of the most common dogs that are rescued every now and then. Aside from that, lab dogs are the sweetest and can easily get along with almost all types of owners, so they are relatively easy to re-home.

The program is called the โ€œLab Ladyโ€, and the name is indeed very fitting for its purpose.

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