Cutest Task For An Inmate 👮 : Dog Trainer! WHY NOT?!

Do you think inmates would make for a good dog trainer? Well, why NOT!

– Inmates in Ionia are spending their time wisely and in the best way possible.
– From being an ordinary prison institution, the Ionia correctional facility now trains dogs.
– Who are the main trainers for the dogs? Find out here!

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While spending time in prison may not be as fun and enjoyable as most people think, the Ionia prisons are very fortunate indeed to be given the chance to spend their time inside the prison while training dogs.

The local police and government officials think that this is one of the ways that inmates can best utilize their time and their energy, instead of just allowing them to do nothing, this is probably more productive and at the same time, it gives the inmates a sense of fulfillment too!

Before the inmates are allowed to undergo this opportunity, they are required to be screened and trained too in order to know if they are really interested and if their intentions are aligned with the mission and goal of the program.

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