Humans and Dogs πŸ• … How and When Did This Beautiful Relationship Start?

When you see a dog accompanying his human, we see just how beautiful the relationship is.

– Amongst all the animals, dogs seem to be the closest creature to humans.
– This relationship actually dates way back in time.
– There is a deeper history as to why dogs are tagged as man’s best friend.

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You probably won’t believe it, but dogs are the first animals to ever show protective instincts for man. It was around more than 15,000 years ago when the harmonious relationship first began.

It was mutual respect and love at first sight, mostly attributed to the fact that the ancestral origins of dogs are said to be the fierce and loyal wolves.

So if you ever look at your furry little friends, always remember that your love for them stems from way back centuries ago; thus, explaining the intimate connection between our species and theirs.

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